Personality and Relationships

Date D Hayate/Personality and Relationships
Date D Hayate
Japanese Name: 伊達Dハヤテ
Romanized Name: Date Di Hayate
English Name: Date D Hayate/Personality and Relationships
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirates
Occupations: First Mate
Epithet: Wolf Fang
Black Swordsman
Japanese VA: Akira Ishida
Minami Takayama (young)
Funi English VA: Chris Patton
Luci Christian (young)
Age: 20 (First Appearance)
22 (After Timeskip)
Status: Alive
Birthday: January 1st
Height: 180 cm
182 cm
Bounty: Bsymbol10 500,000,000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Ochi Ochi no Mi
English Name: Life Life Fruit
Meaning: Life
Type: Paramecia


Hayate's most dominant traits are being a Loner and his calm collected and intelligence, Unlike Luffy Hayate, tend to be logical reasonable and careful when dealing various situations and is much more levelheaded and less reckless than Luffy. Hayate prefers to avoiding people affair and would often be a voice of words to Luffy. Hayate mostly presents himself as a calm and collected person being mostly serious calm and clear-minded person.

He rarely shows any signs of distress or anger as shown mostly remain calm and collected in most situations and showed mostly a slight reaction to worst dangerous or bizarre situation with exception of antics of his crewmates. As such, he is much more careful caution and intelligence than Luffy though he is often annoyed by Luffy's Behavior and Recklessness unable to bared Luffy silliness antic or the other crew mate behavior and he loses his temper and snaps at them when annoyed by their actions or words.   Hayate is quite perspective and intelligence and is able to see people weakness flaw or something that does not add up and needed to find more reason for people action, for example, he told Luffy that he should not think all pirates are like him and tell Nami that she should not get involve with Vivi when she knows very little what going on. Hayate also considers that possessing a Logia type fruit does not make the user invincible and believe those who believe will meet a swift downfall. 

Unlike Luffy, Hayate is cautious with trusting people he maintains a cautious approach toward anyone he considers not trustworthy either due to their connection to an enemy or how they act toward strangers and always maintain caution such as suspecting Charlotte Pudding's motives due to her connection to Big Mom, and he was proven correct along with Pedro when she turns out to have been feigning her kindness and leading them into a trap He also pointed out Vinsmoke Judge's own flaws stated that He has failed to see the flaw of his own decision or action.

Hayate is capable to understand and discerning people personality reasons or action much more clearly and able to discern the reason Robin leaving the crew and deduce that Robin may fear that The Crew might sell her out and instead Sacrifice herself to the World Government so they could leave unharmed and could see the good trait within people. 

Despite How he acts Hayate was a kind person Hayate show to have cared for the lives of his crewmate. He was willing to give up something that isn't worth it if it means it would cost people lives and he also doesn't want to see people suffer for no good reason and couldn't just leave them believes that no one had the right make them suffer for no good reason and would risk his life and save a person from suffering. 

Hayate has an incredibly strong resolve who will do anything and everything in his power to accomplish something that is important to him without any hesitation after learning Arlong abuse toward Nami Hayate fought and Defeat Arlong and destroy the room that Nami has spent time being forced to drawing maps for Arlong in fact, many people noted that Hayate's Kindness is quite heartwarming perhaps it was very reason why he was able to attract people.

Although despite his collectiveness, however, Hayate is not above doing something reckless when it comes to people he cares about such as attacking a World Noble when they injury Hatchan and fully know the consequences and would even break into Impel Down when he learns that his brother Lang was imprisoned there and is sentenced to execution he even went to Marineford where all-powerful marine was station such as the Admirals just to save Lang from death and rather risk his safety than losing someone who he considers Family.

Hayate is also righteous as he completely despises cruelty and wickedness. When he learned of Arlong's abusive emotional torment towards Nami, he was utterly enraged and wasted no time in destroying the room of maps that Arlong forced Nami to work in for years. When Hatchan was sadistically shot by Sheria and tried to shoot Hatchan again despite Hatchan's attempts to protect him, Hayate's anger reached its peak and was perfectly content to invoke an Admiral's attack by struck Sheria with his sword without any mercy. Hayate's most defining part of his personality is the ability to make allies out of absolutely anyone (including former enemies, villains and even Whitebeard himself), which he has along with Luffy and it is said by Mihawk to be the most dangerous ability in the world.

Hayate is also shown to be flustered and shy around girls tend to be nervous when he is alone with one he unable to handle to look at a girl with revealing clothing such as Nami Mimi and Robin and often blush when they get too close. he tends to be outraged by the Girl choice of outfit but had no problem seeing them wearing a skirt as long it not to short however he can be quite annoyed by Nami and Mimi change clothes in front of everybody. Hayate sometime tends to be blunt such as commenting a person appearance such calling Alvida a fat lady and show disgust when he learns Kokoro was mermaid he is very blunt and is not afraid to speak with his mind.

Hayate is also not easily attracted to any girl by appearance such as being unaffected by Boa Hancock beauty although Hayate was immune to her beauty because he lacks lust and ill intention and also was innocent by nature. However, It is shown that Love is quite a sensitive topic for Hayate whenever he display attraction toward Someone he shows only to be attracted to girl by their interaction with him and inside rather than appearance and show to have much stronger willpower to resist charming or seduction although he doesn't show any romantic interest toward anyone Hayate showed himself to be romantically interested in Nami Yuri and Mimi but shown no interest in girl that is much older than him such as Robin and Hancock an example where he rejects Hancock marriage proposal without second thought.

Hayate as a child was very distant and is much more of a loner than he is currently is now but this Change when he met Linh and opening up to her before he even realizes it. This was due to the fact he lost uncle which traumatize him when the Marines went after him and Hayate Like Ace and Lang seemed to have lifelong problems dealing with his parentage, Hayate is also a very emotional person and lets his emotions control him from time to time. 

The deaths of Joe Linh and Lang has greatly affected him and hardly ever listen to reason where He attacks Drayden in rage for vengeance, in particular, Having to grown up Being the Son of Gol D Roger and the World Government has gone after him due to his parentage had a huge effect on his personality and motives, making him very distant from others and has often feel guilty for being responsible for Goku's severe injury he gave him four years ago.

When Hayate fights he usually tends to remain calm and analytical when fighting, however, he becomes incredibly fierce and aggressive. Sometimes, his fierceness is up to the point where he loses control of himself and would sometimes act recklessly regardless he is capable of analyzing every situation and act accordingly and understanding Devil Fruits abilities strengths and weaknesses.

Hayate also had uncontrollable bloodlust whenever someone attacks him or someone enrages him he would attack anyone who enrages him or hurt anyone however he is able to restrain himself when necessary and doesn't involve himself in needless bloodshed. Hayate possesses excellent natural Leadership he often does this in many serious and dangerous situation. Unlike other who held the initial D, Hayate does not, in particular, believe in fate he also claims he does not have a dream in particular but willing help those who had a dream. however, he does share one of the most common traits of those who possess the Initial D is not fearing death.



At First Hayate did not want to become pirate and was trying to find any opportunities to quit but however when he receive his first bounty he was devastated and now find Quitting being an pirate is now impossible he begins to adjust his life as a Pirate Hayate often prefer to avoid people affair however he would meddle if he felt that his crewmate need to meddle with he also consider the well-being of his crew more than anything telling them to run away and fight that they can't win

Monkey D Luffy

Hayate relationship with Luffy is somewhat troublesome he frequently annoy by his simple-mindedness and frequently dealing with Luffy idiotic behavior naiveness and often be an voice of reason to Luffy as he serves as the First Mate of the Entire Crew and often take care of Luffy captain duty despite this Hayate and Luffy share brotherly bond and will help Luffy fulfil his dream to be the King of the Pirate he would try to save Luffy from any danger.

Luffy stated the reason why he recruits Hayate because he felt that He and Hayate were fated to meet and asked him to join him without even knowing how strong Hayate was or what role would he had on the ship although Hayate decline to Join him Luffy never less force him to Join despite in different personality their share several trait such as being humble and does not brag about the powerful foes they defeated in the past and also generally refuses to fight someone that he does not personally consider an enemy, preferring to either talk it over or run away from the confrontation and also very loyal to their crew-mates and other friends, and can lose their temper quickly if they are harmed in any way

Luffy somewhat influences some of Hayate action such as when Luffy punch a World Noble he also did the same thing and sometimes did insane action as he did later the two grow close as they travel to the sea Hayate is also one of the people that Luffy trust the most. His to devotion to grown strong he began to see Luffy as a Brother, in fact, Luffy and Hayate were all way together and rarely been separated from each other and he was with Luffy when Raid Impel Down to save both of their Brothers from Execution and head toward to and participate the Battle of Marineford

Luffy showed to respect any choices that Hayate made such as allowing Hayate to go saving Nene from the effect of her Devil Fruit and prevent others from interfering another example of Luffy and Hayate's strong bond is when Hayate was injured by Drayden and begin to insult him enrage Luffy and attack Drayden for it and Many noted that Their Bond goes beyond to a captain and first mate relationship, much like the one of Gol D. Roger and Date D Marada as Described by Rayleigh.


Chosuke and Hayate share similarly They show level headiness and tend to be reasonable and prefer to avoid Dangerous Situation Hayate sometime help him with repair to his machine or the ship when Chosuke was a slave under Alvida Hayate encourage him to leave and say what he wants to say Chosuke sharing a brotherly relationship with Hayate and they respect and trust each other

Roronoa Zoro

Hayate gets along well with Zoro. Zoro own an debt of gratitude Hayate for saving him from an dishonorable death Zoro along with Luffy he show amount of respect to Hayate as Zoro is one of Hayate most stable relationship and Hayate trust Zoro fighting ability on many occasion and accept any advice that Zoro gave him Hayate sometimes get annoyed by Zoro lack of direction but they rarely been angry at each other due to their seriousness and collected personality

Chen Saizo

Hayate sharing a strong bond with Saizo. Saizo was indebted to Hayate, in fact, Hayate was closing friend that he ever had and because he saves him from Death.Saizo would even take Hayate pain just to save him life


Hayate trust and respect Nami and her skill of navigating Hayate frequently tended to be annoyed by Nami's obsession and love for Money when they first met He was outrage that she would sell out Luffy but however see that Nami was not willing to let Luffy or himself to be blow up by Buggy and Begin to trust Nami even when she seemly betray the crew Hayate however believe she didn't killed Usopp and correctly deduce that Nami was making it look like she kill Usopp after learning about her past he couldn't stand Arlong making her suffer Hayate pat on Nami's head that he told her he will end her suffering and declare she was his friend and his friend and crew after defeating Arlong which she accept Nami began develop romantic feeling for Hayate and then fell in love with him although due to his Shyness and distant nature he pretends to obvious of her Feeling for him and Nami doesn't want to admit her feeling to him to anyone and often act like an Tsundere in many occasion toward him on certain occasion and often argue with each other.

Hayate, however, does show some attraction to Nami as such does make noticed of her body at most times, Hayate had seen her naked twice such accidentally saw her naked when she was taking a shower even notice her old tattoo and at Thriller Bark saw her naked when he tries to save her. It was hinted that Nami did have some feeling for him prior toward Arlong Park Arc such blush when he got close her or carry her much her embarrassment at first Nami refuse to believe she would fall in love with a pirate as she lost someone close to her to a Pirate but however she accept the fact after Luffy Hayate defeated Arlong while not admit it to anyone Although Hayate Didn't show any interested or any romantic feeling for Nami from the first time they met Hayate did show some Romantic feeling for Nami He has, multiple times, comforted and helped her through hard times,

Hayate is shown to dislike Nami ordering him around only listen to her when it comes to navigation or the Danger ahead Hayate also care for her as he can also be extremely worried about her Safety when she put herself in extreme danger and that he panics so much during the time at Ohon afterward He slaps her for making him worried and she Apologize for making him worry.

At most time they often argue a lot at time however when she became worry about Hayate during the Straw Hat Confrontation against Logan where Logan attack Hayate and where Nami uses herself at shield to cover Hayate to move her out the way block it and when during a Confrontation with Drayden and where Hayate was left at a brink of death after fighting him Nami was the first person to rush to his side showing that she does care for Hayate if fact she even cry for Hayate when Hayate's brother Lang Die during the Shichiko War

Victor Magnes

Hayate relationship with Magnes was similar to Luffy Magnes often act rash and extreme and had lack of intelligence Magnes would often pick a fight with anyone who is very strong Hayate would often tell Magnes not act rash and get into dangerous situation However When Magnes was enraged by his own crew betraying him but Hayate reason with him and tell deeply think his past mistake he goes into deep thought and realizes that his anger isn't from feeling that his own crew betrayed him, but because his own personal flaws and fail to act as a proper Captain Having accepted his weakness, Magnes resolves to become a better person. His humility also causes him to stop speaking in the third person and becomes more open-hearted towards others.


Hayate treat Usopp very Fairly Usopp he has shown to understand Usopp trouble of his own cowardly nature Usopp was envious of Hayate was able to fight back and tremendous Fighting Skills and this particularly encourage him to try overcome his cowardly nature and show some respect to him as the First Mate

When Hayate insist Luffy should get a new ship to replace the Merry if it beyond repair and if it means that they would lose their live Usopp couldn't stand the idea of throwing the ship he loved aside and fought with Luffy and Hayate over it.

Naturally, Luffy and Hayate won Hayate punch Usopp and tell him to stop being so prideful and a stubborn fool stated that their own lives were more important and stated that the Merry was a ship, not a human being and there is no chance for it to be saved. Usopp was depressed and felt he couldn't face Luffy or Hayate again but when Robin was taken by CP9 Usopp disguised himself as "Sogeking" who awed Luffy and Chopper (as they didn't know it was him) while Hayate is aware it was him.

Usopp was one inspired Luffy and Hayate to get up and beat Rob Lucci and Spector Lynch revealing himself in midst of a battle and even challenged Lucci to fight. but miraculously Luffy and Hayate got up and beat the assassin before he could kill Ussop. After the battle at Enies Lobby,

Luffy was more than willing to let Usopp back into the crew but Hayate disagrees with this and points out that Usopp had still disrespected Luffy as captain and he would only accept Usopp back if he apologized. When the crew were leaving Water 7 Usopp thought they accept him back with open arms, but he saw them leave without him the Sniper broke down in tears and yelled his apology, Luffy (likewise crying) stretched himself to Usopp and well Hayate told him "grab on you stubborn fool" with Usopp part of the crew again

Luffy Hayate and the others were jubilant to have the cowardly Sniper back. When Usopp heard that Ace Lang Drayden and Goldbeard had died and that they would meet again in two years, Usopp swore he'd become stronger for his captain and Hayate and trained relentlessly with Heracles for two years straight with Rokuren. After the time skip, Usopp was happy to see Hayate again.

Vinsmoke Sanji

Hayate get along well with Sanji but practically get annoy by his womanizer nature Sanji also show jealousy that Nami Yuri and Mimi was attracted to Hayate and express jealousy of his popularity with girls where Hayate insist that Sanji should control his womanizer nature and was extremely annoyed when Sanji refuses to help in the most peril situation However Sanji shown to feel sympathies for Hayate because he keeps his own past hidden

Sanji recently gains more envy of Hayate after finding out that He and Luffy landed on Amazon Lily while he was in hell. Which cause Hayate to wonder what Sanji has been through and when Sanji suffer a huge nosebleed and noted that Sanji perverted nature is getting a lot worse than it is now

When Sanji mention that he was originally from the North Blue Hayate once ask Sanji how he got into the East Blue from the North Blue only for Hayate to drop it after seeing Sanji reaction saying he is not the type to often meddle with people past

When Zoro noted that Sanji might get lovestruck possibly go through with the wedding which worried Hayate when Hayate met Sanji's Fiance Pudding He was shocked along the rest of the Straw Hat that Sanji has rejected a woman and was glad that Sanji remains Loyal to the crew.

He also is shown to understand Sanji at a Personal level where when Sanji stated he doesn't have it within to let his Family die at Big Moms Hands Hayate simply reply that he isn't cold-hearted enough to let anyone died especially if it were people who cause him great grief and he agrees along with Luffy to help him save his Family another.

Ayasato Yuri

Hayate had an complex relationship with Yuri At first She initially dislike him due to his distant and cold nature when She told him about her Father where Hayate knew her Father through his connection to Han and that her Father was a part of Han's crew She was surprised by this and soon began to get along with him.

She is shown to care for Hayate well-being where she hurries to treat Hayate injuries during the confrontation where Chopper or Nene wasn't around to help. She develops feeling for Hayate but like Nami she denies it to other and often acts like a tsundere on many occasion

Yuri warms up to him and grows to like him and her love for him grows more and more. While Hayate doesn't seem to have any romantic feelings for her in return, he has shown to find her attractive as shown how embarrassed he was being alone with her in her room.

Tony Tony Chopper

Hayate was one of Straw Hat crew who recognize Chopper as a Doctor Hayate care about his Chopper well-being and respect his skills as a Doctor and Chopper also show great respect for him and see him as someone he can look up to

Ron Tobi

Before Tobi actual personality was revealed he practically annoy by Tobi silly antic and stupidity and his easygoing nature Hayate, however, trust his planning skill and point out any flaw or something unusual happening in fact

Deimon Mimi

Mimi first met Hayate when she suddenly appears in the Bathroom Naked Hayate was unable to take Mimi simple minded behavior and that Mimi doesn't mind walking around naked. Initially only pretends to love Hayate so that he escape her marriage suitors.However, eventually, Mimi did fall in love with Hayate unlike Nami she is more open to her feeling and was rather childish about love.

Hayate does treat her fairly but often get provoked by her action on many occasions such as inventing invention that all way end up an malfunction when Hayate eventually snap at her causing her to run away and Later she consult with Nami realize she not being considerate on how Hayate is feeling so she began to distance herself a bit from Hayate and began to develop a more calmer relationship and Hayate Apologize to Mimi for snapping at her which she accepts

When Mimi learns more about his past she cares for him deeply and sympathizes even crying Hayate lost of his family especially when she learned how much Hayate been through during his Childhood she cried for Hayate when he lost his older brother in the Shichiko War.

Nico Robin

Hayate somewhat had unusual feeling about Robin when she first join but He begins to trust and accept Robin even though she told him she just join the crew because she had nowhere else to go but however she became somewhat unable to see the idea would go to great length to save Nene where he told her that He doesn't want to see anyone suffer.

Robin becomes struck by his kindness and became interested in him. when He and Straw Hat crew came to rescue her Enies Lobby he declare regardless whether or not she would leave the crew or not and whether or not she wants to die or live told no one had the right to say who is allowed to live or not allow telling that if she died then all of their effort on rescue her will be a waste. afterward, she soon became grateful for Hayate kindness. Hayate would sometimes ask Robin for advice when he deals with his own problem.

Hayate and Robin also had similar background widely because they both after by the World Government, Robin for her ability to read poneglyph and Hayate for being the son of Gol D Roger


Nene views Hayate as an older brother figure and alway talk to him when she feels trouble and has a great liking for Hayate and calling him Big Bro.


Initially, Rokuren thought that Hayate was a thief who stolen technique from Goldbeard but however after learning that Hayate was an apprentice of Goldbeard he began to admire and respect him and even apologized for thinking he was a thief


Hayate like the others (except Robin) was hostile towards Franky from the outset due to the cyborg beating up Usopp and stealing their money but after the events of Enies Lobby and Franky building the Thousand Sunny for the crew Hayate grew to respect him though annoy by childish tendencies


When Hayate first met Brook he initial shock that he was nothing but bone what shocked him the most that Brook simply accept Luffy offer to join the crew but he manages to get along with him after the Thriller Bark Arc and accept him as part of the crew


Date Goku

Aka Goldbeard is Hayate adoptive father he taught him the Eight Inner Power but was not able to use it until the Enies Lobby Arc Goldbeard adopted Hayate when he was 7-year-old Goldbeard saw potential within Hayate and decide to adopt him and train him how to properly use his Devil Fruit Power

Date Linh

Hayate was very close to Linh as she was Goldbeard's Daughter at First he was very cold and distant to Linh but her warm and kind-hearted and brightness made him open up to her before he even realise it Hayate consider her the reason why he change into better person and consider her as his family to a point where he develop feeling for her.

When was confronted by Drayden where He demand to give Linh back to him where he refuse result an huge fight where Drayden defeated him as Drayden prepare to killed Hayate Linh sacrifice herself to save Hayate her death devastated both Hayate and Drayden. Drayden attempted to kill Hayate relation but Hayate survive and escape and since then Hayate sworn revenge against Drayden for Linh's death

Gol D Roger

Roger is Hayate Biological Father Hayate never met his Father Hayate didn't think of him much but Hayate knew that his connection to him would make the World Government going great length to capture him like Ace he spoke ill of Roger and did not had much respect for him such example when he had early disdain Luffy for his assertion that he would become the Pirate King state that the title is nothing more than mere title and dismiss the fact that the One Piece was a simple obsession

When it reveals that he was Roger's Son to his crew He stated that he doesn't own his father anything that only thing he gave him was his blood.

Portgas D Ace

Ace is Hayate biological older twin brother as they are both son of Roger the two of them never knew their relation Hayate and Ace were both separated when they were born Hayate was raise by his uncle Joe who help with his mother given birth to him while Ace was raise by Garp Hayate learn his relation with Ace from Luffy when he told Luffy that he was the son of the Pirate King in a private conversation and Ace learn his Relation to Hayate from Valant when Ace was still imprisoned in Impel Down

Date D Lang

Lang was Hayate Older adoptive brother Lang treat Hayate as family like her sister he sometimes show affection by poking his forehead Lang and Hayate were very close as much he had with Linh Lang is somewhat similar to Hayate because that Lang is not Goldbeard son in blood is adoptive just like Hayate and Lang father was Date D Marada while Hayate father Gol D Roger

Hayate's devotion and love for his brother were shown to extremes when he not only took on every Marine stationed at Marineford, but the five Admirals themselves, showing that nothing would stand between him and save his brother, not even three of the most powerful Marines around, and even shouting out loud he would save Ace even if it killed him and would never want to lose someone close to him again.

Though many were heartbroken when Lang died, none took it harder than Hayate; Hayate was so devastated that he becomes so enraged that his Demon Beast Devil Fruit went out of control and enter in full Demon Beast State without a full moon and cause a rampage at Marineford

Lost Drayden

Drayden was Hayate adoptive brother Drayden treat Hayate as outcast as they were not related by blood and they develop a one side rivalry when Drayden demand that Hayate give Linh back to him when Hayate refuse because he considers Linh a family and they fought Hayate lost and while Drayden prepare to Finnish him off until Linh shied Hayate sacrifice herself and Drayden was shocked at this and attempt to kill him but fail


Nefertari Vivi

Hayate was good friend of Vivi and was willing to help her get her back home to Alabasta and stop the war that is happening in her home country in return she holds great respect for Hayate for he and Luffy for saving Alabasta Hayate also shown care for Vivi and decide that Vivi should not join the crew just so she would not be considered a criminal. Vivi did not show any discrimination about Hayate being the son of Gold Roger

Silver Rayleigh

Hayate first met Rayleigh

Black Daimon




Hayate is usually cautious when it comes to trusting someone he usually vigilant toward anyone he considers suspicion or an enemy and has made enemy toward various individual

World Goverment

Naturally, as a pirate, Hayate is an enemy of the World Government. However, they started taking him seriously after he and Luffy surpassed every pirate in the East Blue,and even more after they defeating Crocodile at Alabasta,even more when declared war on them by burning their flag and defeating the CP9 at Enies Lobby, and now they see Hayate as a potential threat to the whole world when he is revealed to be the son of the Gol D Roger, and that he survived the Whitebeard War.


World Nobles



Hayate naturally like other view the Juichibukai as government dog despite their fearsome reputation he was not afraid of the Juichibukai if fact he views most Juichibukai as arrogant and overconfident individual believe these factor will result their downfall which eventually became true as He and Luffy defeat Crocodile Moriah and Doflamingo and eventually were strip off from their position of Juichibukai

Dracule Mihawk

Hayate is shown to know about Mihawk knowing his reputation as the world greatest swordsmen but did not know about him being one of the Juichibukai until after Yosaku explain about the Juichibukai

Boa Hancock

Hayate managed to befriend the Gorgon Sisters, despite their previous attempts to kill him and Luffy for seeing the mark on Shichibukai Boa Hancock's back, which the other two sisters also have. The mark was of the World Noble, proof that they were once a slave to them, and they would have rather died than show the mark to anyone. During a fight with Hancock's sisters, when Boa Sandersonia's mark was about to be revealed, Hayate reacts quickly by telling Luffy to cover her back to protect her secret remembering her words about they would have rather died than show the mark to anyone.


After seeing Crocodile and his Operation Utopia plan to destroy Vivi's kingdom Hayate naturally enrages by Crocodile action and sworn to defeat Crocodile however like he views Luffy as just another rookie who knows nothing of the world.


Hayate befriended Jinbe when they met at Impel Down while initially assisting Hayate only to protect and rescue Lang he ex-Shichibukai Jinbe grew so fond of Hayate



Hayate share a strong relationship with Han and was the one who gave him his trademark sword to Hayate was indebted to Han for saving his life and respected Han greatly Hayate relationship with Han was similar to Luffy relationship with Shanks

Edward Newgate

During the war at Marineford, even Whitebeard himself came to respect and admire Hayate, so much so that he referred to Hayate as "Wolf Fang Hayate" whilst he referred to others as "Brat". After seeing the lengths to which Hayate would go to save Lang, Whitebeard even remarked that he would not forgive Marco if he let Luffy and Hayate die. Soon after, he assigned his crew and allies to back up Hayate after witnessing him unleash his Haki.

Marshall D. Teach

Charlotte Linlin


Date D Ezio