Baio Baio no Mi
Japanese Name:
English Name: Biomass Biomass Fruit
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Type: Logia
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The Baio Baio no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allow the user to transform and control Biomass

Strengths and Weakness

The fruit allows the user to manipulate biomass at will, meaning he/she can manipulate his/her body at will. This makes the user able to shape shift body parts or even his whole body whenever he wants to. He uses this ability to strengthen his punches and kicks, moving faster and then slower to confuse or to create bad timing with the enemy and to shape shift body parts into blades or shields for cutting and defending. The strongest part of the fruit is the versatility of the powers since there are so many of them, so many uses for each power and the speed which the user can change both his body and his powers.

The biggest weakness of the fruit is that the user only has a limited supply of stored biomass. If the user runs out of this storage, he will have no biomass to shape shift or to regenerate. Once the storage runs out the user will slowly begin to die, as the body constantly uses biomass. Any and all damage taken while out of biomass is severely worsened, meaning a weak gun could kill the user instantly. Because of the connection between the cells (all of the users cells are made of biomass) the user feels pain more than others (similar to Marshall D. Teach , but not to the same extent) meaning the user gets fatigued very quick. The stronger the attack, the more biomass and energy is used, tiring the user out very quickly. Since the body is entirely made of biomass it is extremely weak against intangible Logia-users such as electricity, fire and light. By using a lot of the powerful abilities at the same time the users life slowly drains away, meaning the fruit slowly kills you. For some unexplained reason the user gets the same tiring effect as the water causes by materials like silver, iron-granite, gold, bronze and obsidian. Other than that, the user is still affected by standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.